DSC00703We are Mike and Tracey from Sarasota, Florida, USA.  We are taking a sabbatical from our work and “living” around the world for the next five years.  Mike is taking a break from management consulting and Tracey is taking a break from work in finance. We sold our house, two cars and purged much of the “stuff” that uselessly fills the house and its closets.

We have entered what we are calling the “flipside” of our lives.  A life with the freedom to learn, travel, explore opportunities and follow our passions…where ever that may lead us.  We are not sure if this is the “A” side or the “B” side.  But since we like the unconventional, sometimes the “B” side (or the “less familiar aspect of something”) brings the best.

We like to get entrenched in different cultures, new ideas, meet new people, make new friends and see new lands…and learn how the locals live. We think this is a most rewarding part of traveling.

We are over two years into our five years of “living around the world” and now have traveled to 36 countries!

Our first adventure, “Living Around the World 1.0”, launched in New Zealand for 4 months, then on to Australia for 7 months, then to Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore, and Hong Kong. We lived in Japan for 3 months. After a few months in Sarasota, Florida, we spent two months exploring Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina.

Living Around the World 2.0

We are now back in New Zealand through March 2018, adventuring the length of the country by bicycle in what is known as the Tour Aotearoa. Then on to Tasmania, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Ireland, Scotland, England, Hungary and more for the rest of 2018.

If you wish, please join us on our journeys as we document them in words, pictures and videos!


    • Thanks! No dog on the adventure…maybe when we grow roots somewhere. I remember talking to you both about your NZ trip. We are headed to the South Island Sunday on the ferry! Where are you both headed next? Any more Asia trips?

  • Thanks for the reply. We are headed to the Dominican Republic for 8 days on Tuesday and then likely Sarasota for the remainder of February and March. In the last two years we were in Greece, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Estonia on trips with a niece and 3 nephews. We are looking forward to “just us” this next trip.

    You will love the South Island. We were able to visit Christchurch where our hotel had a small fire, then took a train to Greymouth. Then we rented a car and visited the beautiful Hokitika Gorge, Franz Josef Glacier and Fox Glacier. We finished our trip in Queenstown. I know there are a lot of sheep in New Zealand but I did my best to reduce their population.

    Enjoy your travels.

  • Hi guys, firstly, welcome aboard to the Land of Oz. i have read some of your posts here after meeting Mike in Metung today. i love your writing style, it is so easy to read and makes me feel like i am there with you. i look forward toreading all of them when i get time and ones in the future.

    Have a great time here and keep safe. Cheers adrian

    • Adrien, thanks for the warm welcome, the nice chat today and sharing the great scenery. It’s great to converse with someone in a “similar boat”. We are headed to the Mallacoota area tomorrow for a couple nights. Look forward to our paths crossing again at some point! Mike

  • Such an inspiration!! Living the dream for us all ! Thank you for making it possible to day dream through your travels ! Much good fortunes ,Health and happiness to you both!

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